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Version 2.0 of CSV-OpenAsText

I have just uploaded a new version of CSV-OpenAsText with some nice improvements. To do its tricks, the first version of CSV-OpenAsText (known as CSV-OpenText) opened and then immediately saved the CSV file. This meant that it didn’t work terribly well on read-only volumes and unfortunately it would corrupt CSV files that had multi-line data (i.e., data in a cell with newline characters).

The new version of CSV-OpenAsText does not modify the original CSV file and even better, it now works correctly with multi-line data in cells. I now have a safe way to open all CSV files in Excel without data being misinterpreted or corrupted. If I don’t find any problems with it over the next couple of weeks, I might just make it the default open mechanism for CSV files.

Head over to the Projects page to download a copy.