My thoughts on Lotus Notes

Working with text

A couple issues with text selection and text editing in Notes:
  • Dragging and dropping text in a new email message is not supported. This also means that dragging and dropping attached files doesn't work either. Notes attaches files within the text stream itself (rather than in a separate attachments pane), so if I stuff up the initial drag-and-drop operation and drop my attachment in the wrong position in the text, I either have to delete it and reattach it, or use cut and paste to move it.
  • I can add bullets with the formatting bar, but there doesn't seem to be a quick and easy way to revert back to non-bulleted text. In most modern editors, pressing return twice terminates the bulleted list, but not in Notes. I usually just move my cursor down one line to get back to unformatted text.
  • Indenting text has a similar problem as above.
  • When I copy and paste some formatted text from an external source (e.g. Word) into a new email message, then immediately undo the paste, the formatting remains in the email message. I usually have to do some deleting and cleaning up to remove the formatting.
  • Double-clicking a word in the preview pane opens the message in a new window (or tab) instead of simply selecting the word.