My thoughts on Lotus Notes

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are frustrating and illogical. Alt-1 to send a message is weird to say the least, but I managed to get used to that. The Insert key marks a message as read. This is simply frustrating. It is on the wrong side of the keyboard when one hand is on the keyboard and one is on the mouse (at least for right-handed people). It is immediately above the Delete key, which is a recipe for disaster. The Insert key doesn't work while the Preview pane is loading up, nor when the Preview pane has the focus. And finally, to add insult to injury, the Insert key doesn't work when you click in the Preview pane and then click back on the current message in the message list. I have to click to another message, then click back on the first message to be able to use the Insert key.

Another annoyance is that there doesn't appear to be a shortcut to immediately delete a message without going through the Trash. When I delete a Junk messages, I don't want to decide once again whether I really wanted to remove that message.