Gmail Uncluttered

Gmail Uncluttered is a user script (a.k.a. Greasemonkey script) that cleans up Gmail’s interface, removing redundant elements with the goal of maximising screen real-estate. It has been tested in Google Chrome and Safari (via GreaseKit).

Install Gmail Uncluttered

  • Removes ads
  • Removes the “Search Mail” and “Search the Web” button
  • Removes quick reply box
  • Removes links and copyright notice at bottom, and repositions space and account activity information onto one line
  • People widget and other useful links (e.g. map and add to calendar suggestions) are put into a rollover activated by a small grey bar to the right of the quick links buttons

Version History

  • 2012-02-19: 1.5.1 - Added “Spam” and “Delete” words to buttons
  • 2011-07-03: 1.4.0 - Lots of cleanup to work with Gmail redesign and People Widget.
  • 2011-03-20: 1.3.4 - Bug fixes after Google changed some of the div structure.
  • 2011-02-22: 1.3.0 - Bug fixes. Added “Search email” placeholder in search box.
  • 2011-01-29: 1.1.0 - Initial release.